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august 1 2013
ontario by-election 2013 peoples candidate's

 The peoples political party open campaign for historical  by-election, with party leader  toronto mayoral candidate" kevin clarke"
 (etobicoke lakeshore) and longtime scarborough resident "bill rawdah"
(scarborough/guildwood) married father of 5 children 
The people's political party campaigning for poverty/Children's right's kevin clarke  etobicoke lakeshore mpp candidate  bring's hope to all.It is time for accountability in government only "The people"a united people can bring sanity back to our service of government.. Bill Rawdah bring that sanity in scarborough guildwood and beyond kevin clarke is a visionary kevin clarke is a fighter a fighter for your rights, in the ontario by-election 2013 we encourage 3 other ontarions who are canadian citizens no discrimation to the refugees and immagrants but that is election law TO CAMPAIGN FOR The people, in ottawa, london and windsor by-elections we now encourage non political individuals to get involve lets stop the political crap in ontario once and for all were "The people" were now getting political to inspire social changes please join us.

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2013 Ontario by-election

The Peoples Political Party,welcomes everyone to our candidate Bill Rawdah entered in the upcoming by-election of Scarborough / Guildwood . Bill Rawdah shares similar views and concerns about our real issues that everyday people must face without much option yet usually some unacceptable consequence thereof .There is quite a difference with the Peoples Political Party and that being our candidates who have entered the forum in order to address peoples priorities firstly with and of those most concerned , the vulnerable , the tired , the needy and the family and it starts to sound like our concerns . Bill Rawdah has shared his time , energy , and ideas about social structure and course of action not only to preserve yet set about positive action in order to meet the needs of others . Endless , dedication is Bill Rawdah and you can always find him in or about the community volunteering and doing the heavy lifting without fiminacial returns at all , other than his motivation towards making the people stronger and he is a good example for anyone who chooses too share.Bill Rawdah is a family man first , married and a father with five children .The Peoples Political Party of Ontario ' s candidate in the Scarborough Guildwood by-election on August , 1 , 2013 is Bill Rawdah and he has made himself available on twitter or facebook . Good governance is unconditional so stand up and vote for Bill Rawdah and let the people' s Voice be heard . 




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